Friday, February 15, 2008

Shower Fun!

Tuesday I helped give a shower for my other half at school. No, I am not talking about Jeff! The other teacher that I job share with (Angie) is having twins in a few weeks. She is one brave woman. She has a daughter, Emma, that is a couple of months younger than Brooks and then Cade and Addy are due at the end of March. CAN YOU IMAGINE 3 KIDS UNDER TWO!!!!!!!!!! She is definately in my thoughts and prayers! Angie and I both feel that we have the best of both worlds by working half the week and being at home with our child(ren) the rest of the time. I am excited that she is going to come back next year so that we can continue our wonderful schedule!

It was fun giving a shower for twins!
Here is the diaper cake that I made her. Our RTI room went in on the goodies that went on it.

Doesn't Angie look great??!!! She is so tiny anyway, you can tell that she is all babies... and just think she has 6 weeks until her due date:)

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