Sunday, February 10, 2008

"The Strong-Willed Child" Visits the Doctor

I took Brooks to the doctor for his 24 month appointment on Thursday. He was in the 93% for height and 40% for weight and of course 100+% for head cir. He checked out great (Thank you, Lord!) We saw our favorite peditrician, Dr. Bean. He saw Brooks for the first time when he was 3 days old and really put a new mother at ease. Therefore, this OCD mom has requested him ever since! Thankfully,we have not seen him since Brooks 18 month appointment because we have been pretty healthy this winter (knock on wood). Our Dr. visit began great. Brooks played in the waiting room (with we me sitting there invisioning germs caked on everything he touched and praying we would not be returning next week for a sick visit). Then we got back to the exam room and Brooks did well with the nurse while she got his measurements. We waited a few minutes for Dr. Bean. After he came in Brooks continued to run around the room singing, grabbing tongue depressers, ear lights, etc. Dr. Bean and I talked a few minutes and he said that he could tell vocabulary was not a problem for Brooks and I said Ummmmmmmmmm, NO! (After all he is a Bird!) Brooks preceeded to count for him and sing Jesus Loves Me (all without being asked). Then I began telling the Dr. about the "No!" problems that we have been having. Brooks is good 95% of the time, but we have to work on that other 5%. He has begun to say "No" and hit me. I will let him hit other objects (wall, furniture, etc), but I will not tolerate him hitting me, or anyone else. Basically, he is finding his "voice" and testing his limits. Anyway, I was explaining all of this to Dr. Bean and he told me that you have to pick your battles. If it is something that can potentially hurt him then you have to discipline if not then you have to evaluate the situation. While we were discussing this Brooks was opening the door and walking out in the hallway.. in just a diaper. I went and got him and told him no and not to do it again. He proceeded to do this 3 or 4 more times all the while looking back at me with this grin on his face like, "What are you going to do in front of him?" I told Dr. Bean that situations like this was what I was talking about. He said that Yes it looked like that he was testing me and that I needed to show him who was in charge. That was all I needed to hear. (I would have already popped Brooks but I hated to in front of the Dr.) I went and got Brooks for the 5th time and told him that if he opened the door and went out in the hall again he would get a spanking. Dr. Bean spoke up and said, "Brooks come on in here and stay, I don't want to see you get in trouble." Well, about 30 seconds later guess who was back out in the hall....... you guessed correct and he got his spanking in front for his Dr. I about laughed because Dr. Bean said, "You did a good job. You told him not to do it again and you followed through with your promise." He said that Brooks seemed to be a stong willed child. He said on the positive side that those children are usually very bright and make good leaders one day. Brooks did not go out into the hall again so I guess that was a success, but he proceeded to jump around on the floor and get into the cotton balls, and hand me about 30 tongue depressers. I again brought up the "HYPER" behavior and again I was assured that Brooks was "high energy" and not "hyper." So it looks like we have a strong-willed, high energy boy on our hands........ Any suggestions?????
On an even better note I mentioned to the doctor that Brooks has been going to the potty a lot. He was stunned. He said that probably only 1 and 100 boys his age are using the potty frequently. I told him that I wasn't sure if he was totally ready yet (or if I was ready.. for the germs). (On a quick side note... Brooks told me while we were waiting for the doctor that he had to potty and I told him just to go in his diaper... I could not imagine the germs that would be on the comode at a doctor's office!!!... I know I need counseling!!!) Anyway, Dr. Bean said that if he was the one asking to go, then I need to encourage it and he is probably ready. I guess that I am going to have to step it up in the potty department!!!! The visit ended well with no shots and Brooks telling the doctor both, "Thank you and Your Welcome."
Sorry this is such a long post, but it is not everyday that you spank your child in front of their doctor.
All kidding aside, we are so very thankful that Brooks is healthy. We will make it through the "terrible twos".... with lots of tylenol and prayers!


Karie said...

Kristy, I could so see your doctor's visit in my mind. I am proud of you too for following through! I bet it was hard to spank him in front of his doctor!

As for potty training boys and germs....oh my stars, it is disgusting. With Annie I could neatly cover everything with toilet paper, pick her up, sit her down, tell her to put her hands on her knees while she went potty and we were good to go. I felt that it was as sanitary as a public potty can be. However, with Daniel, I have tried to put toilet paper on the seat, it doesn't work. He still procedes to touch all parts of the potty. Not to mention the fact that if he has to go #2 we have to take a shoe off and take his leg out of his pants so he can completely straddle the potty and then he touches everything while trying to brace himself. I have been very thankful that he has learned to potty standing up, that is the most sanitary thing that he does in a public bathroom, provided that I am holding his arms back so he can't touch anything! I love the individually wrapped clorox wipes for his public potty adventures. Unfortuately I can't seem to keep them around and easily accessible!

Sorry for this extra long comment, I was just feeling your pain for public potty-training a little boy, and I am not a germ-a-phobe!!!

The Woodrum Family said...

I am so glad Brooks is a healthy boy! He is really growing and SOOOO cute!! Jordan was a strong-willed child at that age too. I found a book by Dr. James Dobson, "The Strong-Willed Child". It is a great book with helpful tips from a Christian standpoint! You might want to check it out at the library.