Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween - Part I

Tuesday night we decided to begin the Halloween festivities. We had several houses to visit and we knew we would be at church Wednesday night, so we decided to trick-or-treat a night early. Brooks enjoyed the candy and I think he is the cutest puppy dog I have ever seen!

A puppy with a smudged nose.

We trick-or-treated at Miss Jane's house. She spoils Brooks by letting him blow out a candle about 10 times! (Maybe he should have been a fireman!)

Every puppy gets thirsty!

We went to treat-or-treat at Aden's house. The cutest lion I had ever seen opened the door!

Who knew dogs and lions got along so well?
Night-night ghost

Every night for the last several weeks we have had to go next door and tell this ghost night-night. Brooks is a sucker for blow-up "art."

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