Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Part II

Halloween evening we had a fun night at church. They had games, food, and fun before church and then we went trunk-or-treating after church. Brooks really got into getting candy towards the end of the night.

After church we went trunk-or-treating. Brooks had a great time and would go up to the cars and say, "Candy, please!"

Brooks and Lydia comparing the candy stash!

Look mom, candy!!!!!!!!!

I'll take that Mrs. Jessica, and that, and that, and that!

Brooks asking for candy from our preacher, Dan.

How much candy did you get, Lydia?

After trunk-or-treating - "I got candy daddy!"

Halloween at school

Daddy even dressed up for Halloween at school. He entered the faculty contest as a nerd. He looked funny!

Our Biology teacher, Mr. Newvine, won the faculty contest. He was a street bum. He played the part amazingly well. The principal even found him that morning "asleep" between the recycling bin and the trash can in the high school hallway!

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