Friday, September 28, 2007

A Fun Fall Festival

Last night we took Brooks to our Fall Festival at school. I knew that he would have no clue what a "fall festival" was so I told him we were going to a party at school. He immediately said, "cake" and I told him we would try to find a cupcake there and then he said, "candle." (He is totally obsessed with fire - a little scary isn't it?!) So when we got there we found a "cake" (with no candle in it) to eat! We had a great time and he did too. It is always fun to get to show him off to our students and their parents.
(Today when he woke up we told daddy bye and I told Brooks he was going to school. He said, "I go to party at school." I believe that he enjoyed his first fall festival!)
Brooks had to play some ball while we were there.

We registered to win this big "car." I don't know where we would put it, but Brooks sure enjoyed sitting in it!

Brooks enjoyed his first hayride around the big city of Greenback.

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