Friday, September 28, 2007

4 Months Until Birthday #2 (BOO, HOO)

Brooks was 20 months old yesterday. (I guess when he turns two I will quit counting months and just say he is 2.) Anyway, I know that I say this every month, but he is more and more fun everyday. He is saying more words that I have time to type ( I would guess his vocabulary to be around 80-100 words.) Now he is saying sentences. A few that I can remember is, "I want down. I want to shoot. I miss it. I catch the ball." Today while the two of us were eating lunch Brooks looked and me and said, "I love Dada." I said, "I do too!" So sweet! (I am also proud of the correct pronoun usage of "I". Sorry that is the teacher in me!) This month we have taken him to two football games which he loved. It is neat to be able to take him to things that we enjoy and him enjoy them too. This month the "NO!" word has also been said A LOT! I try to ignore it some, but other times I have to take action. Miss Emily said that he has never said it to her (lucky Mommy, I guess)! I can't wait until we take Brooks to the beach soon. He is at a great age to enjoy it. I think that will be one of the best vacations ever!

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