Tuesday, July 26, 2011

February and March Madness!

The following are the happenings around our house and in our lives this past February and March. Enjoying some brotherly love before bed.

Watching a little Mickey Mouse.

Bedtime Bible time

In late February I took Brooks for his 5 year checkup and Braden for his 18 month checkup. I am so thankful that both boys were deemed healthy and no one had to get shots!!

After the doctor's appointment we went to feed the ducks and had some playtime!


Brooks enjoyed shooting his BB gun at Papa and Grammie's.

Probably the biggest milestone of the month was Brooks learning to ride his bike without training wheels! He came in one Sunday afternoon and asked if Jeff would take his training wheels off. Jeff took them off and practiced with him in the yard for about 30 minutes. Within an hour or two he was riding solo on the street! He was so proud and we were VERY proud of him too!

Ready set ride!

You can tell this is a Sunday afternoon, because he is in his Sunday socks and crocs! HA!

so proud!

Braden helping around the house!

He went that way!

Braden looking for our next door neighbor, Lainee!

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