Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baseball Begins

In April, Brooks began his second season of baseball. This year they got 3 pitches and then if they could not hit it then they got three tries off the tee. Brooks played at the pitcher's mound again and did a great job. The coaches could not believe that he was a young 5 year old (many on his team were 6 and some even turned 7 during the season.) He LOVES baseball and we think this is going to be "his sport." He is great about knowing where to throw the ball, judging the ball's distance, hitting (a mother can go on and on...HA). I really enjoyed the games......or what I saw of them. (Braden would always want to play in the nearby creek.) Jeff helped coach and I told him that I was going to coach next year so that I could actually watch a game! HA! This season I quickly figured out that I was a "yelling" mom! I guess the coaching gene is in me from my father who coached all those years, but I found myself trying to coach Brooks from the sidelines! I am going to have to work on that before next season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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