Monday, October 11, 2010

Our week at home

After getting back from our long weekend at Grammie and Papa's house we enjoyed some time together. We went to our new Fitness Center several times, played at home, played at school, and went to a Fall Festival. We had a nice relaxing (well as much as you can relax while getting Braden out of everything) week!

Braden has now learned how to scoot objects up to chairs so that he can climb up onto them! Then he usually want to stand in them and wave his arms......he keeps us on our toes!
Playing on the playground at school

They look like caged animals here!

The boys LOVED the fall festival! They had some great rides and activities for children.

Watch out....he is driving!

The Greenbelt.....such a pretty area

Of course Brooks was drawn to the baseball area!

and the BIG slide!

Then he spotted one of the Knoxville TV anchors and had to go say hello....thankfully they were not on air!

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