Monday, October 11, 2010

Many Reasons for a Great Visit!

Last week was our Fall Break. We usually go to Destin during that time, but after going to FL in June we decided to go back when Braden was a little older.....(He was into EVERYTHING, he DID NOT sleep, etc.) So we decided to go to the next best place....LEBANON! My 92 year-old grandmother had surgery on her thyroid a couple of weeks ago and I was really wanting to go check on her as well as visit Grammie, Papa and our other wonderful family!
Look at her! She looks great after surgery!

Another reason we went was to help my FAVORITE cousin celebrate her 42nd B-day! Doesn't she LOOK AWESOME???

I think that Brooks wishes that Ian
and Allison were his siblings! He LOVES playing with them!
Braden had fun playing with his favorite toy....BALLS!

And getting into everything at Aunt Fay and Uncle Kai's house!

I LOVE Allison's imagination and creativity. She had typed up these signs and had them hanging around the house so that she, Ian, and Brooks could play secret agents!

Then they got some exercise on Aunt Fay's treadmill!

Braden thought he was as big as the rest of them!

Back at Grammie's house we hung out, went to church, watched ball games, ate, and enjoyed being together!
In this picture Brooks was helping Grammie bake some delicious cookies!

Braden LOVES his Papa (and Papaw too). He would go around saying, "Papa" in the sweetest voice.

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