Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ice Cream and Friends

Our family took a field trip a couple of Fridays ago. We went to the Mayfield Dairy Plant and then to see our good friends, The Jennings. We began at Mayfields. We got to see how the milk plant works (the ice cream line was off that week:( We enjoyed it so much!Big cow!
My cow boys! HA!

Utterly funny!

Both of my boys LOVE milk! We go through 3 gallons a week right now. I know we will go to at least 4 when Braden stops nursing!

We all had to wear hair nets to tour the plant.

Yes, EVEN BRADEN had to wear one! He kept pulling it off so we had to hold his hands down.

Best part.... the ice cream at the end!

Then we headed to my "old" roommates house. We ate the most delicious hamburgers for lunch, played on this amazing pirate ship, swam, played, and hung out! It was a great afternoon!

Brooks fell in love with Reagan's play ship! It is so cool. I know she will enjoy it for years to come!

Braden enjoyed swinging.....even if the swing was pink!

Reagan and Brooks watching TV.

3 of the sweetest children in the world:)

Braden learned to climb.

Braden and Mr. Justin dressed alike.... apparently they both like cookies!

We tried to get a good picture with all the kids.... the is the best we could get.
Braden and Reagan are about 7 months apart.... I would let him go for an older woman!

Reagan enjoyed playing with Brooks more! I would let him go for a younger girl.... hey since they share a birthday, they would never forget that special day! HA!

We had a wonderful day!

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