Saturday, May 22, 2010

CF Carnival

Tonight we enjoyed a carnival at church. I baked a lot of goodies and helped in the concession stand and Jeff brought the boys later to join in the fun. There was a jump house, obstacle course, games, a clown, and a lot more. All the money raised went to the Cystic Fibrous foundation. One of Brooks' friends at church, Joshua, has CF. This cause really hits home with us too. When I was pregnant with Brooks, Jeff and I both found out that we are CF carriers. Both the boys were tested at birth for CF and thankfully both of them are just carriers like we are. There was a poster on the wall tonight that said, " 1 and 32 people are unknowing carriers of the CF gene." All four of us in our family are carriers..... we are SO thankful for good health!

face painting
Braden enjoyed the fun too!

Of course Lydia and Brooks had fun together!

Bubbles the clown and others dancing a jig!

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