Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Brooks' Birthday Party

On January 23rd we celebrated Brooks' Birthday. This year we had the party at our church's gym and it was wonderful. It has all the space for the kids to run and play... and play they did! Brooks kept saying, "This is the best birthday ever!" Our "theme" was sports.... that is what he is consumed with these days.... and I am sure for years to come. Good thing I enjoy sports too because I have a feeling with two boys that is where I am going to spend a lot of my time over the next 20 years! Anyway, I LOVED how these cupcakes turned out. I had thought at first that I would try and make them, but I was sick that week and I knew it would be very time consuming so I went to good ole' Walmart with my idea and they turned out GREAT! The kids loved it because they got to choose what kind of cupcake they wanted.... guess which kind Brooks had to have.... BASEBALL of course... that is his sport of choice at the moment! Can't believe that he is 4!
Happy Birthday

We had a few snacks to go along with the cupcakes.... nothing fancy!

Some of Brooks' sweet friends!

Brady, Mickey and Elmo
The gym had a lot of balls and games and we took some of ours too. Our bus tent was a hit with the girls!

More friends

All Brooks wanted at the party was a "peeona." He was SO excited about this thing. He talked about it for days before his party. I was glad that he was able to make the final "blow" to tear it open.

He got LOTs of great presents!

I love it when people give him outside/summer things that we can enjoy later!

Braden and Papa enjoyed the party too!

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