Tuesday, February 02, 2010

4 Years of JOY!

Brooks then.......

Brooks now......

(Thanks to Christina Bonifacio for taking the great pictures over the last 4 years!)

I cannot believe that my "baby" is 4! Time is going by so quickly and I am afraid before I know it he will be leaving for college. We have a joke with Brooks that this is the last birthday that we are letting him have.... no more growing... we tell him. He says, "But, yes mommy, I will be five, then six, then seven...." I am trying to take little snapshots with my mind of all of these wonderful times that I get to spend with my boys. Brooks is at such a wonderful age and I enjoy him more each and every day!

Here are some things that I LOVE about my big 4 YEAR OLD!

1. He is a HUGE momma's boy.... always has been..... I know his wife will probably not like this, but we will worry about that later! HA!
2. He has such a sweet personality.
3.He is WONDERFUL with Braden. I about melt when he talks "baby talk" to him. I have to get it on tape sometime.
4. His wit.... I think he is going to be funny like his daddy! Last night we were having cauliflower for dinner and I told him to eat some and he said, "Nah, I can't eat cauliflower, it makes me nervous!"
5. He gets along with everyone! My dad has made the comment several times that Brooks can play with anyone. It is true. He is VERY social and loves to play with everyone.... girls, boys, big small, he does not care!
6.I love how he will yell in the next room or come up to me out of the blue and say, "Momma, I love you!"
7. His quest for knowledge. He reminds me of my brother.... always asking questions and wondering about things. We had a joke for a long time about Brooks asking, "WHY?" We didn't know the answers sometimes. Now he asks a lot of questions about God, Heaven, the weather, etc. Just today he asked me if we would have moles in heaven? Anyone want to tackle that one?
8. His love for the outdoors. It is killing us that it has been too cold to go outside lately. He loves to be enjoying the good ole' outdoors. From April to October, I bet we spend an average of 2-3 hours outside a day.
9. His sweet little face. I know that I am partial, but I think he is about the cutest thing ever. I love the expressions that he makes, especially when he is trying to talk me into something that he is wanting to do!
10. His LOVE..... I know that he truly loves Jeff and me with all of his heart. It is wonderful to see the way that a child loves with every part of their being. Words cannot express how much JOY he has brought to our lives. I thank God everyday for the wonderful gift of his Son as well as, the wonderful gifts of our two sons.

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