Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas in GA

Last Christmas post!

The day after Christmas we traveled to see my brother and his family in GA. Brooks LOVES playing with Melia, Olivia, and Vance and they have the perfect place to run, play, and have fun! We had Christmas with them on Sunday night, but for some reason I did not take any pictures of that:( We had a great visit!
Melia and Olivia got this go-cart from Santa

Daddy driving Brooks on the go-cart
They had fun driving around on the 10+ acres.

Dog pile on Papa

Exercise time

Movie time

Dress up time.... they didn't have many boys' dress up clothes so Brooks and Vance were clowns.

Cute Clown

Braden chewed on everything and cut his first tooth while we were there!

The Wii was played A LOT!

Braden sat in the highchair for the first time.... he LOVED it!

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