Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas at Memomma's

We have eaten Christmas breakfast at my grandmother's house my entire life. Now that she is 91 years old, it is getting harder and harder for her to have us all over. She had said that she didn't think that she could do it this year, but she began feeling better and she said that she couldn't stand the thought of Braden not having his first Christmas at Memomma's. We all LOVE this time together and the food is OUT OF THIS WORLD! I tried to take little mental snapshots the entire morning because Memomma told us that this was the last time that she was able to host us. She is the most remarkable, selfless, and inspiring person that I know and I am blessed to call her ..... Memomma (grandmother).
Memomma.... she really is a happy person, but doesn't smile for pictures.
(She says that she is ashamed of her teeth:(

Getting the food ready.

Enjoying the ham, bacon, sausage, biscuits, eggs, hashbrown casserole, grits, gravy.........

Aunt Gwyn holding our sweet boy.

Itching to open gifts after breakfast.

Ready, Set, Go!

What did you get?

Looking at Memomma's calendar.... featuring her 3 grandchildren and her 7 great-grandchildren.

Family pics
My aunts (mom's twin) side

Our side (minus my brother and his family).... notice how everyone is looking in totally opposite directions!

One of my favorite pictures of the day.
Memomma and her namesake.

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