Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa 2009

Today was so much fun! We took the boys to eat breakfast with Santa. A local church had Santa and Mrs. Claus come and provided pancakes, fruit, and hot chocolate for the kids. Brooks and Braden even got a wrapped gift from good ole Saint Nick. We all had a great time together and then came home and watched the movie that Brooks got from Santa. Brooks got the movie that he had been wanting... Night at the Museum II.

Braden sleep through a little of the fun.

Mrs. Claus was checking to see if Brooks and Braden's name were on the "nice" list.... they were!

Enjoying his pancakes!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus were pretty smitten with Braden!

(He LOVED them too!)

**** I funny note. The outfit that Braden is wearing, Brooks wore on his first Christmas. Except Brooks was almost 11 months old!****

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