Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Fun Visit

On Thursday my great friend and "old" college roommate, Elizabeth, came over for a visit and brought sweet baby, Reagan. They live about an hour away and we try to get together every few months. However, I had not seen Reagan since the end of February:( She is SO SWEET! She just smiles and "talks." We went to the mall to eat and shop and she was so good and patient! Brooks loved being around her too and kept wanting to hold her. I enjoyed counting all her rolls! I am not use to a "plump" baby. She is only 4 months old and is getting close to 20 pounds! Brooks barely weighed that when he was a year old! (Of course she was over 10 pounds at birth!)

Precious Reagan
Brooks and Reagan... January 27th birthday buddies!

Brooks giving her a BIG squeeze... I think she could take him though!

More playing... Reagan would just look at Brooks and smile. Of course Brooks thought she was pretty special too!

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Justin and Elizabeth said...

Those pictures are precious! Reagan does look like she could take on Brooks! Happy anniversary, I remember that day clearly. Love ya.