Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Fun-Filled Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend was a lot of fun. Grammie and Papa came up for the weekend and we enjoyed lots of activities. On Saturday morning Brooks, Papaw, Papa, and Daddy decided to go flying in Papaw's plane. Brooks has never been up before so I was VERY nervous, but he REALLY wanted to go. However, after they got there and got ready to go, the plane would not start. I think all of them were disappointed... especially Brooks! He could not understand why the plane was sick! (Jeff accused me of practicing voodoo so the plane would not start. I told him that I just prayed a lot that they would be safe..... evidently it was not a good day to fly!

Brooks and his grandfathers Brooks showing Papa how he can read numbers.

I'm ready to fly!

Later that afternoon Brooks, Papa, and Jeff went up to the mountains. They got in the river and then drove around the cove where they saw several deer and bears!

Throwing rocks in the river.

This is the bear that they saw while going around Cades Cove.

Sunday... Happy Father's Day
Papa and Brooks watching golf before church..... they always watch golf together.

Daddy and Brooks... big buddies!

Papa and Brooks before church.

Papaw and Rue Rue came over for Father's Day lunch.

After naps and resting, Jeff decided that we should take Brooks to his first big movie, "Up." We went to the drive-in movie, which Brooks LOVED. It didn't begin until 9:30 and Brooks got into bed about 3 hours later than normal, but hey it's summer! We had a great time together!

Brooks and Daddy watching, Up.

Brooks enjoying his first movie!

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