Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Wish Come True

I am a little late in posting this, but last week we got a great surprise.... SNOW!!! I moved to East TN 8 1/2 years ago. One part that I was really looking forward to was all the snow we would get. Boy was I wrong!!! Since I have lived here, Middle TN has gotten A LOT more snow than we have..... so disappointing! Anyway, now that we have Brooks and he is old enough to enjoy it I have been yearning for the beautiful white stuff. Well, last Monday my wish was granted! I was teaching that day and about 9:45 we looked out the window and it was really snowing. Rue Rue called and said that they were in Knoxville and it was getting pretty bad and we would probably get out of school early...... I began to get excited.... could this really be it????? Sure enough the announcement was made about 30 minutes later, "School will be dismissed at 11:00 due to snow." YIPEEEEEEEEEEE! Jeff and I left after all his kids had gone (I don't have a homeroom) and we met Papaw and Rue Rue at Cracker Barrel for lunch and to pick up Brooks. When we got home the snow was really starting to add up. We all took a good afternoon nap and when we woke up we saw all our neighborhood friends outside playing in the snow. We quickly got layers and layers of clothes on and ran out to join them. It probably snowed only about 3-4 inches by the time it ended in the night, but we were out of school for the next 2 days!! We had a great time!

The funny thing is that I put this flag out the day before the snow started. (It was about 60 degrees that day and we were wearing t-shirts.) Maybe this is the lucky flag! I LOVE snow!
Our neighbors all enjoying the snow.

Mr. Lee helping Alyssa and Brooks make a snowman.

Daddy, pull faster!

Brady and Mrs. Beth

I love sledding!

My sad attempt at a snowman. Jeff and Brooks made 2 more after I went inside, but we didn't get a picture for some reason!

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