Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's with the Cousins

We had a great weekend! My brother and his family came up for the weekend. Now that they live in GA it isn't as far to travel and we can see each other more! Brooks LOVES playing with Melia and Olivia.....they get along about 90% of the time.

The gang all ready for church today. Brooks' first sleepover. Melia on one side and Livie on the other.
Yesterday we all went bowling.

Brooks thinks that Melia hung the moon!

As you can tell Livie got a little tired of the game.

When we got back and took naps we let the kids do a Valentine's scavenger hunt. I wrote several clues on heart paper and the clues led them to their Valentine's surprise. Melia read all the clues herself. She reads very well to be 6 years old!

The surprise!

After pizza, we decorated Valentine's cookies.

The boys of Valentine

Brooks with his new dog and red icing on his face.

Aunt Cryste with two of her loves..... Livie and Vance.

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