Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm 3 Today!!!!

I cannot believe that my "Baby" boy is 3 years old today. Time is flying by! In honor of his big day, Jeff took a day off of school and I switched a day with my jobshare partner and we took Brooks out for a BIG surprise....... fun and lunch at Chucke Cheese! We had so much fun together, just the 3 of us! Brooks had never been before, but has heard about it and seen commercials on TV.... needless to say he had a GOOD time!

His favorite part was ski ball.
Riding a roller coaster with daddy.

Playing a game with mommy!

Get 'um!

After Brooks woke up from his nap this afternoon we surprised him with a few gifts from us. (He is also getting a new basketball goal outside this spring.)

A painful smile!

Today was also special because they recognized Brooks on the Good Morning and Good Night shows on Sprout TV. This is an AWESOME station that he LOVES. His favorite show is Caillou. I made this card and sent it in to the TV station. They did not show the card :( , but they said his name on the air.... which was GREAT!

Here we are in the car on the way to Chucke Cheese. We didn't tell Brooks where we were going until we were on the way.


Laura Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Brooks! He is such a cutie! Is he always so happy? Love it! Love the train cupcakes, too. so clever!

Holly said...

How funny! Lucas' favorite show is Caillou too! I was just telling him last night that I needed to submit his card to Sprout and I was going to decorate it with Caillou and Thomas! Boys, they are so much alike! Happy birthday to the big boy!