Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brooks' 3rd Birthday Party!

We had Brooks a small Birthday party on Saturday. We went pretty small this year, just inviting a few neighbors, family, Lydia (of course), and his best friend from pre-school, Emma. (Our son loves the girls, what can we say??) We had a really cute cupcake cake from Walmart, a fun time watching the kiddos play, and Brooks open his presents. I think that "low-key" is the way to go!

Here are a few of the party goers. Pierce is not in the picture and Brady and Ray came later... so it wasn't just a girl party!

Good cupcakes!

For Me!!!!????

Brooks loved his bowling game that he got from Papaw and Rue Rue. Mr. Marc is helping them set it up.

Brooks got a parachute from Grammie and Papa and Mrs. Angie is helping them try it out.

The adults played a little guitar hero!

Here is Brooks' Birthday book. Every year I put one of the invitations from his party, pictures, and have everyone who comes sign his Birthday book. This is the ONLY scrapbooking that I do!

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