Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Great Icee War

You maybe looking at this picture and you maybe thinking, "Why did Jeff and Kristy blog about an Icee cup?" Well, let me explain. Each Sunday we remind Brooks that if he is a good boy at church, then we will stop and get a,"Sip!" We ususally stop and get the Sunday paper for Kristy and an Icee for myself and Brooks. This Sunday however, things were different! Kristy and I were asked to teach TNT class today. (This is the Sunday class that Brooks and the other kids his age go to while the adults are in worship service.) We had a total of three boys today in class. Our lesson was about kindness . Brooks however, seems to have missed the point. He would not share with the other two boys and we were quick to remind him of the reward. This did not seem to matter to him he continued on. When class was over we told him that he would not be getting a sip today because of his behavior in class. (They say teachers are always harder on their own kids!) When we broke the news to him all heck broke loose! Tears began to fall followed by constant cries of, "I promise I want a sip I promise!" We had to stick to our guns. I pulled in to the gas station, bought a paper, and one large Icee for me...with two straws! Brooks went nuts and the crying got louder and louder! We told him he did not listen well in class so he did not get his own sip but he could share with daddy. All the way home in between sips Brooks continued to scream, "But I want to get my own! I want to go back to the gas station!" When we got home I took him aside and spanked him and sent him to his room for a few minutes to cool off! After a few minutes Brooks said he was sorry and then said, "Da Da let's play Wii!" Who knew something so simple could rock his world!
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