Monday, January 19, 2009

A Chattanooga Weekend

This past weekend we headed to Chattanooga for my Thirty-One conference. We stayed at the Garden Hilton which was really NICE! I learned a lot at the conference and even lead the opening prayer. The spring line is SOOOOO cute. Since I am a director I got to "model" some of the bags down the runway...... in front of over 100 ladies, and I did not fall!! I had fun! Anyway, Brooks and Jeff had fun too. They swam a lot in the hotel pool and on Saturday they met up with one of Jeff's college buddies, Chad, and his family. They went to eat pizza and then headed to the Children's Museum.

This is how cold it was in Chattanooga. I think the Hilton will be buying a new fountain when this one thaws! Hotel Swimming

My crazy boys

Brooks playing at the museum

Brooks and Chad's daughter, Erica, playing puppets.

Brooks and Erica.... new buddies

Look, I can drive!

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