Thursday, December 04, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving! Sometimes I cannot believe how much that God has blessed me with! I definately do not deserve all that I have.
We celebrated the Sunday before with the Bird side (for some reason we didn't take any pictures:()and then we headed to Lebanon on Wednesday to celebrate with my family. We had AMAZING food and I always love visiting and catching up with my family! On Black Friday, mom and I carried on our crazy tradition of getting up at 5:00am and heading to Kohls, Target, Walmart, Providence....... we had fun together, but each year we always look at each other, as we stand in the 1hr 30 min line at Kohls, and say, "Why are we doing this?"

Part of the bunch finishing up Thanksgiving dinner
Papa relaxing after a GREAT meal! His knee is healing wonderfully!

The clean up begins. Check out my aunt's new kitchen. It is GORGEOUS! This picture with the feast strolled everywhere does not do it justice. It is so nice!

Brooks and Ian playing after dinner. They had a lot of fun together. They played hockey most of the time, but thankfully no one got hurt this time!

Some after dinner talk

One of Brooks' favorite part of Thanksgiving weekend was our walk down the railroad tracks. When we got back from our trip we heard the train coming, so Jeff hurried into the house and grabbed the camera. It was neat because it was the passenger train from Watertown. It travels to Nashville every Saturday and boy were there a lot of people on it! (I will spare you the 2 minute train video that we captured!)
Waiting for the train

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