Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our Wonderful Night

Last night we took Brooks to the UT Gardens to see their Holiday Express Exhibit. It was AMAZING! A big tent full of Christmas decorations, a waterfall, 10 trains, hot chocolate, and smores...... may have made for the best night of Brooks' life! He could have moved in and lived there... without us, as long as he could watch those 10 trains run continuously. I think that Jeff and I enjoyed it just about as much. If you live anywhere close to UT I would strongly encourage you to go. We had a BLAST! Two of the trains running

You can't have a train exhibit in Knoxville without having a UT train!

The train behind Brooks was my favorite. He had aquarium cars on it with real fish. It was the neatest thing!! We met the man there who made almost all of these trains...including this aquarium car. He is a landscape designer in Knoxville and trains are his hobby.

We spotted Santa and Rudolph in this train.

I loved this scene out beside one of the tracks:)

Brooksie and Daddy

Can you telling he is enjoying himself?

Brooksie and Mommy... all smiles

Looking for the train to come out of the tunnel

We took a break from the train action to roast some marshmellows. Brooks was ready to go back in within about 5 minutes!

Trains + Hot Chocolate = SMILES

Daddy and Brooks trying out the old style railroad.

The end of our wonderful night!

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