Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun at Dollywood

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Sorry we have not been keeping the blogspot up to date, but like many of you we have been very busy getting ready for Christmas. Kristy has asked that I do this update, so I will give it a shot! One of the gifts we got for ourselves this year were 2009 season passes to Dollywood. We thought Brooks would enjoy going and riding all the kids' rides. After church Sunday before last we decided to take our first trip. We had a great time although Brooks had just started coming down with the croup AGAIN! After waiting in line a few minutes to have our season pass photo made, we finally go to go on in. Brooks was excited! The first place we headed to was the new ride, The Polar Express. When we go there, the people standing in line said they had been there for two hours so we decided to ride something different! If you have even been to Dollywood you have probably seen the big locomotive that rides around the park. If you have been following this blog, you know Brooks absolutely loves trains so guess what we rode next! Rather than boring you with the full details of this trip, I'll finish with this...we soon learned that Brooks was not at all interested in most of the rides, rather he soon discovered at Dollywood they have Skeeball! (In the past few weeks I have taken him to Dick's Sporting Goods where he loves to play of all it is free!) Kristy and I tried to get him to go and see some kids shows and ride other rides but all he wanted to do was play skeeball! We had a fun day together!

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