Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Cousins' Concert

Last night we all went to my Cousin Gwyn's house for a little more family time. We were heading back to Maryville today and my sister-in-law and the kids are heading back home tomorrow. We all gathered at Gwyn's for some much requested hot wings, pizza, and FUN. The cousins all decided to put on a concert for us. They all have so much fun together. Allison is the oldest (almost 10) and the other five are 6 and under... which makes for a lot of chaos, but so much fun!!!

Gwyn's house is always BEAUTIFUL! Getting ready to perform
The Wii action

The power ranger (Ian) and batman (Brooks)

Jeff and Papa tried to crash the concert and put on their own performance... the kids were much better!

Here is part of the concert. It is a little long, but we were all in stitches! Vance is even in the right corner bustin' a move!

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