Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with Papaw and Rue Rue

Last night we had Christmas with Papaw, RueRue, Leah, Mark, and Ray. We were suppose to have had it Sunday, but I came down with the stomach bug.....BEWARE that bug has now hit Brooks, Ray, Mark, Allen, LaRue (which she had to be hospitalized) Jeff, me, and my mom!!! It only lasts a short time, but my stomach is still not the same!! Anyway, enough of that fun topic! So we had Christmas last night because Leah and her family are leaving for Virgina today. We had a great time. Rue Rue and Papaw went overboard as usual. They got an awesome John Deere jeep for Brooks and Ray to share at their house and other great toys including a golf putting green for Brooks! Then we were surprised with a Wii. We hadn't even thought of asking for one, but we have sure enjoyed it over the last 12 hours!! It is so funny because Brooks LOVES it and he is really good at tennis and baseball. He LOVES the golf part too, but he keeps trying to hit it into the water because he likes to see it splash!! We have had a wonderful start to Christmas!!

(My camera was acting up last night so my pictures did not turn out that good.... I turned some into black and white to see if they were any better). These were my favorites!

Christmas chaos!!

What is under that big blanket???

Can you help me here, Ray?

Forget toys, I'll just play with this tissue paper!

Leah with her new neck warmer on!

Ray is ready for a ride.

Here are pictures of Brooks playing the Wii this morning. Jeff had to go help his dad this morning so Brooks and I are still in our PJs. I have wrapped gifts, blogged, and oh yeah played the Wii! Brooks has played the Wii for about 3 hours (wonderful mother I know). He told me that I was no good at tennis and he would show me how to play. (I did see him win a tennis match about an hour ago!)

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