Sunday, October 26, 2008

Our 2008 Destin Vacation

Well, here it is....finally.....our beach pictures. I have been so BUSY lately I have not had time to blog this. We took over 250 pictures so it was a bit overwhelming to pick the best photos that showed what a great time we had. Jeff and I feel so blessed that we get to go enjoy a wonderful and relaxing beach vacation every fall. It makes it even better that both our families go together and we get to share such amazing memories each year!

Here is our sweet beach bum. We had so much fun this year watching him at the beach. He had a blast.
I tried to take some "fancier" photos of Brooks one night, but I waited a little late and the pictures turned out a little dark. However, I caught an awesome beach sunset!
I LOVE this picture. The sunset makes me think of how majestic that God is and how he created such a beautiful place. And then having my son standing there looking to the heavens makes me just that much grateful for all that I have been blessed with!
Look at that sweet smile!

On the last day Brooks really got into the whole beach thing. The waves were really calm and he had a blast "riding the waves."

Surfin' USA

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