Monday, October 27, 2008

New Looks

After playing around with the new features for Kristy and I decided to make some changes to We hope you like the new look. Check the links on the right side. Here you can see a link to Kristy's Thirty One products, (lame shot at a plug I know!) Coupon Finders,(for those of you that are like us and love to use coupons each time we go out!) and a link to help out local schools in your area. As a teacher in a poor school district I must say we need all the help we can get sometimes! I have received funding through this program and will be receiving a $400.00 projector screen for my classroom! So please check this link out! Also you may want to sign up as a reader to this page. I believe it will notify you when we add new materials (hint hint Grandparents!).

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