Sunday, October 26, 2008

Destin Fishing Trip

On Sunday morning my parents and Kristy's dad along with our neighbor, Lee and his brother Derrick, all went on a deep sea fishing trip. The trip was a four hour trip and was awesome. Each of us caught our limit of red snapper (2 each) along with two trigger fish (caught by myself and Derrick) and a few king mackerel. Two early Birds getting rested up for a soon to be action packed trip!
After four hours of fishing here is our catch. We had such a great time fishing we will probably do this again next year!

For dinner we had... well, fish and boy it was great! I do not think I can eat at Captain D's or Red Lobster and enjoy it as much as I did this fish!

Yum yum we love fish!

Papa, the great fisherman, hard at work catching our dinner. These fish put up a good fight and were fun to catch. Papa has been wanting to see this video for several weeks so he can prove to his fishing buddies that he did catch a big one!

Papaw's big catch... we had a video of a 4 minute fight (catch) but decided not to post it

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