Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cousin Fun

Brooks had so much fun with his cousins, Melia and Olivia. (He liked Vance too, but he was a little young to play with.) What was really funny though was how Brooks aggravated Olivia. I guess it is an inborn ability that boys are born with:) We had to separate them several times, but they still had a great time together!

Here are 3 of the grandkids having a poolside lunch chat with Papa.

Melia was checking to see if Brooks and Livie were tall enough to ride some of the rides.
Grammie and Papa's 4 angels:)

Fun by the pool

Melia lost her first tooth while we were there. It was amazing that the tooth fairy found her in Florida and brought her a dollar. ( $1 -Can you tell that cheapness runs in the family!)

Running after the birds

Cousins in the hole

Playing at the beach

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