Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Year with Thirty-One

Last month marked 1 year that I have been selling Thirty-One. I still LOVE the products and enjoy all the shows that I have gotten to do this year. I have met so many neat people!! In one short year I now have 20 other consultants on my team!! The extra $ has allowed me to continue to teach part-time and given us a little extra spending money... which came in handy when we added on to the house! Last Thursday I hosted a Fall Open House and had a great turn out! Here are some of the new products.


Laura Beth said...

All this stuff looks so cute! Is there a website or do you have a catalog I could look at? Carolina needs some luggage and maybe some Christmas gifts . . . You can e-mail me at if you get a chance. Thanks! Brooks is getting so big!

One Happy Family said...

It's neat to see all of the products you've added to your collection. Lots of great things! I'm hoping to be as successful as you have been.

Tamra said...

Hi there! I work on the TAH grant with Jeff. He has talked about this blog so much I had to visit it myself. I'd love to learn more about Thirty One and maybe even host a party. Can you help me with that? You can send me an email or give me a call at your convenience: or 423-715-7331
BTW Brooks is so cute!