Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jeff's B-day

We celebrated Jeff's 32nd B-day on September 7th. We had a low-key Saturday and then went out to eat. Later we came home and had cake and ice cream. Brooks LOVED helping me make the cake and it turned out pretty good!
Helping daddy since his old lungs are getting weaker!

Brooks got Jeff a UT flag for the car/SUV. Brooks loves/loved it. We only had it for 5 days when I accidentally rolled down the wrong window and it flew out. I quickly pulled over and ran to get it in a busy intersection (CRAZY I KNOW), but Brooks loved this flag and it cost me $10.... remember I'm CHEAP! Anyway, I was running back to get it and this crazy woman ran right over it and smashed it. I was so aggravated! I know she saw me running to get it! I guess I need to see the bright side... at least it wasn't me that got smashed!!
Grammie and Papa brought more gifts when they came last week!

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Justin and Elizabeth said...

That is hilarious about the flag. I understand completely about not wanting to waste money!!! I am glad you are ok :)