Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Fun with Miss Elizabeth and Mr. Justin

Saturday we took a trip down to Meiggs County to visit my "old" college roommate and her husband. We try and get together at least 4 or 5 times a year and we always have so much fun when we do! We are so excited that Elizabeth and Justin will be welcoming a baby girl into their home in February! They are WONDERFUL with Brooks and they will make AWESOME parents!

Justin is the baseball coach at the local high school. We all took a trip to his baseball field so Brooks could have some batting practice.

Hanging out in the dugout
Hey, batter batter, swing!!! Brooks actually hits most of the balls and does an even better job when he throws the ball up himself and hits it! Running the bases with daddy

After a hot game of baseball and a great pizza lunch, we decided to take a dip in their pool.

Brooks LOVES Miss "Izzibeth"

Before we left Justin wanted Jeff to play his RockStar game with him. We both tried it and we both STUNK. I guess because the only games that we play right now are hide-in-seek or ring around the roseys!

Jammin with Mr. Justin

We had a great day!!

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