Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big day tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a big day around here....... Brooks is beginning "preschool." He will be going every Wednesday from 9-12:30. It really ends at 2:00, but me being the Nap Nazi, I want him to take a "good" nap at home! So I am picking him up early! He is SOOOOOOO excited. We went back in the summer and met the director and she showed him his room and the most important spot... the playground. He has been telling me that he needs scissors for preschool - which he doesn't, but we have been looking for a safe pair to use a home. Anyway, tonight at supper he was praying and he was asking God to be with me and daddy and Livie and Melia and then he said, "And be with me as I start preschool, but not today God tomorrow, I go tomorrow." Jeff and I just about cracked up!

Don't worry, I will take pictures!

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