Friday, March 07, 2008


It is so much fun carrying on conversations with Brooks. He can talk about as well as a four or five-year old. I don't post a lot of our conversations on the blog, but I am going to try and start. I am hoping that he will enjoy reading his own blog as he grows up and I want to have more things about him on here other than where he went and who he went with so today begins the first installments of Brooks-isms.

****Brooks has begun to use the word "sometimes" a lot. Most of the time he uses it in the correct context. "I got to nastics sometimes." "I get a sucker, sometimes." It is so funny to hear him say it and the way he says it, like he is almost proud of himself for using such a big word.****

***** Brooks and I enjoy Thursdays. Our routine is to get up and eat, get dressed and then go to "Ladies Total Fitness" where I work out. He goes to the daycare there for about an hour. Then when I go get him we usually go play in the kids play area in the mall. Then comes the best part. We go to Sonic where I get my weekly splurge....a large diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper and Brooks gets a small water with extra ice (you people are learning more and more how cheap I really am!) This is about the only time throughout the week that I drink any kind of carbonated beverage... I try to stick to water....but Jeff drinks several Cokes a week and Brooks is always wanting a sip. Well, yesterday we were almost home from our workout and Sonic and Brooks wanted out of his carseat (I let him get up out of his carseat when we get to our road ad he gets to push the garage opener.) He was standing in the back and I forgot that I had put my Dr. Pepper in the cup holder behind me. I looked around and he was taking a big swig. I got it away from him and he said, "That is some good stuff, Momma." (Which Jeff and my mom would disagree because they HATE Dr. Pepper.)

****** Last night Brooks was wanting to say the prayer when we did our nightly "devotional." He said, " Dear God, Thank you for nastics, Wiggles, and Jump Zone... Jesus name, Amen" I told Jeff that it is a little disappointing that we aren't even ranked in the top 3!

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