Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Sweetest Words

Brooks has taken a vacation from the "strong-willed fits" and returned to his sweet self. The "fits" lasted about a week and we think that it had something to do with switching babysitters. Mrs. Emily is getting ready to have Baby Pierce so we had to find someone to take her place. Brooks missed Lydia a lot the first few weeks, but now he is enjoying Miss Tina's house and of course RueRue and Papaw's. Now that he is his old self again, he is as sweet as ever. In fact, in the last few days he has been coming up to me and saying, " Mommy, I love you." I about cried the first time. (He has told us he loved us many times, but it is after we tell him or if we ask him.)
I think that this age is so much fun...... at least until he goes back to the "strong-willed Brooks."

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