Saturday, February 23, 2008

Potty Post

Well, I think that Brooks is about 95% potty trained. (Don't ask me how I came up with that exact percentage!) Anyway, he has been wearing underwear on and off for a few weeks now and doing very well. He has worn underwear to church twice and did great! I am still a little nervous doing the underwear thing in some public places so I bought some Pull-ups for those adventures. Today, Brooks wore underwear all day WITHOUT ANY ACCIDENTS ---- even during his nap he didn't go in his diaper, he waited until he got up and could potty!
He has even learned to potty standing up and that has helped my germ phobia! I am so proud of him!!!

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Whitaker Family said...

Holy Cow! Congratulations Brooks! I knew he was ready and it seems like it happened fairly easy. Way to GO! Aden is far from ready so we can't force the issue, but we'll be in those big boy pants before long! "Ida" (that's how I spell EE-da) is now pronouncing his name correctly which we are quite proud of. Maybe he just held out so we would be proud of him for something else. Who knows. Anyhow... good work on the potty news. Let us know any tips.