Saturday, December 08, 2007

Visiting the Biltmore (well almost)!

We were invited by some new friends at church to a get-together at their parents/in-laws house. All the young families group was invited, but we were the only ones that could go. We knew that the house was on the lake, but had no idea it was going to be the Biltmore Part II. This was the largest "house" I had ever been in (almost 16,000 square ft). It was GORGEOUS! The parents are gone a lot so our friends go and stay there some. We had a good time and hope that we can visit again!

What a view!

When we told Brooks it was time to go home, he said, "Shoot!" ---- just kidding!

The back of the house. (You can barely see Jeff and Brooks.)

This is the "play" room. Brooks loved playing with the pool table.
This is their 16 seat home movie theater!

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