Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving (a little early!)

Since Leah, Mark, and Ray were in for the weekend we decided to go on and have Thanksgiving. The McCall's came in from Georgia, Cousin Meredith brought her friend Chris, and it is tradition now that Meredith's friends Andrea and Twan come for Thanksgiving and bring their kids. (I think there were about 20 of us this year!) Twan cooked the turkey this year and it was great. RueRue did a great job getting her house ready for us and cooking the ham and potatoes. The rest of us took a few dishes too! I took my famous apple cake and chocolate trifle. We ate soooooooooooo much and really enjoyed visiting with everyone!

We had a big crowd and lots of fun!
No, Brooks is not turning 5. Brooks thought we were at a party so he convinced RueRue to let him light a candle and put it in this cake. We sang, "Happy Birthday," to almost everyone in the room and the kids took turns blowing out the candle.

Brooks had to take a break from playing after dinner to check on Ray-Ray.

Timmy and Brooks had fun!

We were trying to get a cute Christmas picture, but the boys had other ideas! Brooks had the itch and Ray had the cries!

Cousins and future buddies!
"Hey Ray, what's wrong with ya, buddy?"

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Tracy said...

It was fun! Kristy, I want the recipe for your apple cake. I didn't have room to try any, but Matt really liked it. Send it when you can! I love watching Brooks and love that he said "Bye Twacy" without RueRue telling him who I was. He is so precious! Hopefully we will make it up sometime during the month of December or after, like you said! Love y'all!