Sunday, September 09, 2007

A weekend of Birthdays!

Party # 1 - Daddy's Birthday

We began the Birthday weekend with Daddy's Birthday on Friday. He turned the big 3-1! We all went out to eat and then came back to eat cake. On the way home from the restaurant Jeff said, "I'm not feeling too well." Sure enough in the next hour he began aching, chills, and a temp. The rest of the weekend we tried to stay away as much as possible because I especially did not want Brooks to get sick. Luckily, we had more birthday parties to attend. Our social calendar is so jammed now that we have Brooks!

Happy 31st B-day, Daddy. Little did we know that the leaning candle would be an indicator of how Jeff would be feeling very soon!
Brooks saying, "More, candles." He also said, "Daddy sick," all weekend.


Brooks kept wanting to put the candles back in the cake and light them again.

Daddy's party is fun - - too bad he is sick!
We got daddy a camelback for his long bike rides.

Cousin Meredith and Brooks had fun playing baseball and watching the Braves. Notice Jeff all wrapped up in his flu position!

Party # 2 - Benji

We were invited to Benji's party on Saturday morning. It was going to be a fun day of burgers, swimming, and playing by the lake. Well, we had a rough night with Jeff's sickness so of course Brooks and I went alone and I spent the entire party chasing him and trying to keep him from falling off their very high deck. We ended up leaving early - I needed a nap and Anita said that we needed to come back when we could all enjoy the lake, so hopefully we will! Happy Birthday, Benji!

The birthday boy!
Benji in serious thought - perhaps contemplating how this first year of life has been.

I had to take a picture of Benji's cake(s). They were too cute!

Brooks kept wanting to go look at the "wa-wa."
Matt and Anita have a beautiful house with an amazing view!

Party # 3 - Our next door neighbor - "Howie"

Brooks and I went next door to another party at 5:00 Saturday. We had fun playing with the other kids and especially jumping on the trampoline!

Brooks telling "Howie" Happy Birthday!
Brooks spotted the balloons after his nap and kept saying, "I go, I go." I told him that it wasn't time for the party yet.

Brooks enjoyed jumping on their trampoline.

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