Friday, August 17, 2007

Healthy as a horse!

I took Brooks for his 18 month doctor's appointment yesterday. He started screaming as soon as we went into the room. I know that he remembers being sick so much last spring and the surgery back in July. Anyway, Dr. Bean made him smile when he played ball with him for a few minutes and then let him blow out his ear light. Brooks checked out great, with the (biggest) smallest concern being his many bug bites. Dr. Bean said to use a repellent with more deet because we are using repellent whenever we are outside (morning, noon, and night) and he is still being bitten. We also talked about Brooks' temperament (he is having mini-tantrums) and all his energy (which he said is normal in some kids) HE NEVER SLOWS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Dr. Bean was surprised that Brooks knew his own name and the letter it starts with. The other day I wrote down all the words that Brooks can say (because they usually ask that at the well visits) and I was shocked that he can say over 60 words. The doctor was impressed with that too! I don't think that he made a friend with the nurse because Brooks kicked her hard in the stomach when she gave him his shot - he hates being held down!
Anyway, his stats are:
Weight: 25 1/2 pounds (almost 50% - whooooooooooooo)
Height: 34 inches (almost 90% - string bean!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Head Cir.: 51 1/2 cm ( still off the charts - big brain!)

We thank God constantly for such a sweet, fun, and HEALTHY little boy!

*I went in to check on Brooks the other day when he was napping and this was how he was laid out. Looks like he is getting ready for his beach pose in October!

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