Sunday, August 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Lydia!

Saturday we went to Lydia's 2nd Birthday party. There were about 7 families from church there, along with Lydia's grandparents and uncles. The kids (and parents) had a wonderful time playing outside. The slip-n-slide, kiddie cool, and sprinklers were great in the 90+ degree heat.

The birthday girl!
When we got to the party Brooks had the most confused look on his face. He was looking at all the kids running around and you could tell he was thinking, "Wait a minute, it is usually just Lydia and me here, what is everyone else doing?"

Brooks had fun playing with the girls.

Here Brooks is looking for more water balloons. His two favorite things in the world come together (water and balloons.) He thought he was in heaven!
Lydia and Ali, just-a-swingin
Lydia had a very cute cupcake cake:)
Brooks was trying to warn everyone that the candle was "HOT!"
Brooks enjoyed the cupcake (icing) and juicebox!
We were able to get a picture of most of the partygoers. (I think that 4 had already gone home.)

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Laura Beth said...

I am so glad you found my blog! I just started it this week, because I, too, have become obsessed with the new world of blogging I just discovered! (Did you see my first post?):) Brooks is so precious and I will definitely stay posted! Laura Beth