Friday, July 27, 2007

A Sprinkler Playdate

This afternoon we went to Miss Susan's house for a fun playdate. There were 8 babies there, counting Miss Julie's who is due in September. We only played in the sprinklers for about 15 minutes because the bugs were biting and the kiddos wanted to go inside. Maggie and Josephine have so many toys that the kids had a ball. It was 5:00 before we knew it and we had to go. Brooks had a great time!

Wa - wa, Wa- Wa
Lydia helped little Kate today and gave Brooks a break!

Run - the water is coming!

We were so excited to see Miss Heather, Sam, and Shelby at the playdate too. Heather doesn't go to our church, but she and Susan are good friends so we were glad that they came to play too. Shelby and Sam have grown so much since I baby-sat them last year. They are still as sweet as ever!

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