Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Spring Full of Tornadoes!

Growing up in Middle TN I was pretty accustomed to tornado warnings. Thankfully, we never really had any scary ones, but it was just warnings that we had several times every spring. I laughed A LOT when I moved to East TN because everyone up here panics when there is a tornado watch. After this spring I think I will be a little more worrisome when I hear the warnings too! The following are pictures from a tornado that hit the small town of Greenback, where we teach. (Part of the tornado touchdown about 10 minutes from our house.) Jeff was out of school the following day because there were so many power lines down. We drove down to school later the next morning and took these pictures.

We had several other tornadoes touch down close to our house a few weeks later. We spent almost 6 hours one night in our neighbor's basement and then went home. About an hour later another one hit and we hurriedly got the kids up and got into our bathtub. That was one of the scariest moments. It hit a transformer outside our neighborhood and we saw all kinds of weird colors coming through the windows which was so spooky because it was about 10pm and the electricity was out! I thought the Lord was coming back! After it hit all the neighbors met outside to assess the damage and then we learned there was another one on the way, so about 10 of us headed back to our neighbor's basement! We stayed there until about midnight! (There was no school the next day.) We were without power for about 24 hours and without phone service for 8 days! Now Brooks thinks that every time it thunders that there is a tornado coming!

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