Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt X 5!!!!!!

This Easter we got LOTS of practice hunting Easter eggs! The boys participated in 5 egg hunts! Each one was fun and I enjoyed filling all those eggs ( I really did!) Braden was old enough to find the eggs this year and he was a pro by the last hunt! The only problem was he enjoyed hunting eggs out of other kids' baskets the best!!!!!!!

Brooks' Easter party at preschool.

Braden watching the party from the preschool clubhouse.

On the way to was raining that day so they had to hunt eggs in the gym:(

Big bunnies...I mean buds...Brooks and Sam

Our next hunt was at a retirement center. Our church's Mommy group went to visit the older residents and hoped to brighten their day. Instead, they had an egg hunt for the kids, games, food, and they made our day! The kids had a blast!

Braden was getting good at finding them!

Eating after the hunt!

Braden and Brooks playing a game.

Hunt #3 was with the kids from church. It was at the park and the rain waited until we were done hunting! YAY!

Braden hunting out of Riley's basket!

Easting lunch....and yes Braden is wearing Brooks' old bib. The 2nd just doesn't get as many cute monogrammed gifts!

Egg Hunt #4 - Our neighborhood!

(Braden is a PRO by now!)

We are so blessed to live in such a great neighborhood! The kids love playing with each other so much!

Counting the loot!

The LAST hunt was at family picnic the afternoon before Easter. Brooks, Braden, Ray, and Katlyn had so much fun together.

Brooks getting some air!

Sweet, sweet Katlyn!

Yum, Yum!

After all that hunting Braden had to rest!

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