Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas with Grammie and Papa (final Christmas post)

After Christmas breakfast at Memomma's we all came back to Grammie and Papa's and took a nap. (Did I mention that Braden usually gets up about 4:30 or 5 when we are there?) After our naps we opened gifts with Grammie and Papa. We missed my brother, Keith, and his family, but they could not come "home" this Christmas because Keith was on call.
Jeff got a new Braves hat.

Papa (and Grammie) got Brooks his first BB gun. (They asked us if it would be ok before they bought it!) The gun HAS to be left at their house and of course he cannot use it without Papa or Daddy with him. Boy did Brooks think he was BIG stuff!
Braden got a singing animal (I can't think of the real name of it!)

Papa was excited about giving Brooks the gun. He even made a shooting target for them to use.

Mom opening her gifts.....she was having fun......I promise. (She just doesn't like to smile for pictures for some reason!)
Papa checking out the new "grandchildren" calendar that we made for them on Snapfish.

Braden also got a new riding toy.

After the presents Brooks enjoyed some shooting practice.

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